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eID Box

Our eID Middleware streamlines smart card integration with applications through standardized interfaces. It ensures access to features such as e-signatures and authentication for third-party applications, whether they operate online or offline.

eID Box offers a versatile solution for eletronic identity applications, enabling seamless integration with various cryptographic tokens using standardized APIs.

eIDBox - Unpack your identity

Our solution empowers users to efficiently manage all card objects, including PINs, PUKs, certificates, and personal data, providing comprehensive control over their cryptographic tokens. With this solution, you can securely sign documents and perform cryptographic operations, ensuring robust security. It is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android.


The middleware allow generic applications to use smart card features with operation system standard interfaces.

Available modules

Desktop GUI Application

Cross-platform desktop application
that reads and manages cardholder data from ID cards

Desktop Installer

Installer that simplifies the setup of our middleware solution, compatible with 
Windows, Linux, and MacOS

Desktop SDK

Allow custom applications to use all card features (sign documents, activate card, read card data, write card data, verify certificates)

Mobile SDK

Seamlessly collaborates with the eID server, allowing e-signature and eID functions 
to be readily available on mobile

Minidriver: CryptoAPI
card module

Allows you to securely manage cryptographic operations, cryptographic keys, and access card features

CNG Key Storage Provider module for a remote QSCD

Ensures that desktop applications can harness the power of remote QSCD
 for document signing

PKCS#11 module for 
Windows, Linux and MacOS

Your applications can securely sign documents and perform cryptographic operations

CryptoTokenKit module for MacOS

Empowers you to manage
keys, protect data, and ensure secure access.

eID Box - Unpack your identity

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