National ID Card Software - Cape Verde

Caixa Mágica Software, in partnership with INCM, developed for the National Identification Card of Cape Verde a Middleware and SDKs for several programming languages, leveraging the wide experience existing in this area, obtained, namely, in the development of software for the Card Citizenship and participation in other EID projects. This partnership will continue throughout the development of the project that allows the use of the Cabo Vede electronic document, both for electronic signature and for digital authentication.


Produced by Alfiii, Multipli is a didactic board game about multiplication, which is the origin of the tournament organized annually, with the name “National Multipli Championship” (Campeonato Nacional Multipli), later appearing as the Multipli-Minute application for iPhone and Multipli for iPad. With the outbreak of Covid-19 it was necessary to rethink the championship in a digital medium.