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Single Assistance Platform for Scheduling Logistics

EDP Comercial is the company within the EDP group responsible for offering products and services to end customers, both private and corporate. In addition to traditional electricity supply services, the company has products in the scope of renewable energy generation.

With a range of photovoltaic solar panels for domestic energy production, EDP Comercial positions itself as a promoter of sustainable forms of small-scale energy production. The company also ensures the installation and maintenance of the systems it sells, with teams dedicated to these activities.


The widespread dissemination of energy generation solutions depends entirely on a positive return on investment model, over a period of years that is not too high. For these calculations, it is not enough to weigh the acquisition costs. Installation and maintenance costs are a very important factor in the long-term assessment of the economic profitability of this type of system, with end customers sometimes postponing the investment decision due to the insecurity that additional costs difficult to predict provide.

EDP Comercial offers an offer that includes installation and maintenance services, thus eliminating this factor. There is now a need to make team management as efficient as possible, ensuring that the time spent on installation and other services is as short as possible and that travel is optimized by always choosing the most efficient routes.


Following the specifications of EDP Comercial, Caixa Mágica has developed a platform that allows the complete management of the teams in the fields and respective schedules. These are done according to an advanced algorithm that evaluates which team and which day is ideal, within a range, optimizing travel.

Using Google’s APIs for geographic positioning and calculation of travel times, the platform allows automated management and maximum efficiency for all teams on the ground.

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The system has a web frontend where the end customer's data is inserted and initially organized. Orders are then processed by bots that perform all calculations in accordance with the rules defined in the spreadsheet input, producing reports that can be issued in pdf format and sent to the final customer for consideration. The logic of the system and its capacity require the application of software architecture rules that ensure the robustness, scalability and flexibility of the solution.

In addition, the PAULA platform allows the generation of reports and all types of activity control information covering all the needs of team management.


The platform is used to manage all schedules and interventions by teams on the ground. The increase in efficiency is recognized as one of the main factors for the success of the platform.

For technicians, the existence of an adequate daily planning makes their task more linear and focused on the quality of the work itself and not on logistical aspects and definition of daily activities.