Stand da Caixa Mágica com um computador, um caderno e flyers

For the 16th consecutive year, Caixa Mágica opens its doors to another year of summer internships, where it expects to receive a fantastic set of graduate or Master students in the areas of Technology. We are looking for young students with an adventurous, team spirit and who show an enormous ambition and willingness to grow and evolve both personally and professionally.

The summer internships at Caixa Mágica will last for 2 months, on a part-time basis, and are paid. The interns will face a challenging project, with current technologies, and will benefit from continuous monitoring by our most senior developers.

This year Caixa Mágica decided to collect some testimonies from former summer interns who are now part of our Development team:


Adriano Batista:

"I had the opportunity to do an internship at Caixa Mágica and I was able to apply all my knowledge in the development of a real solution to a real problem. The internship proposal involved developing a hybrid web and mobile application, using a React.js and React Native stack. The project provided me with my first contact with Javascript libraries / frameworks, which has been promoting my taste for language.

The fantastic and talented team, which welcomed all new members interns in the best way, and the help of an ever-present mentor made it this very positive and fruitful experience in terms of personal development.

In the end it also became the starting point of my career professional, with the opportunity to stay working at Caixa Mágica."


André Vale:

"The internship opportunity at Caixa Mágica was an enriching experience where he showed me what happens in the real work world. During my route, I was proposed to develop a mobile application for iOS, using the Swift language.

To date, I had never used Swift, but with the help of a fantastic mentor and of a team of colleagues who welcomed me into their midst quickly, I exceeded my expectations and finished the project.

In the end I was offered an opportunity to stay at work, which I accepted and I still don't regret it. "


Miguel Figueira:

"Although it was not my first summer internship, this was the internship where I felt that I grew more at a professional level. We were given a lot of autonomy to develop the project, but also the necessary guidance to overcome difficulties. I was able to learn technologies and tools fundamentals that were not taught during my academic career.

The atmosphere at Caixa Mágica is professional but relaxed and familiar. I felt that my work added value to Caixa Mágica and we were treated by everyone as "from home" (with the exception of Abel, who jokingly insisted on call us "interns").

In the end, I was given the opportunity to continue at Caixa Mágica. Since so, here I continued to develop my skills. "