The calendar marks today, May 17, World Internet Day, an important date in Caixa Magic, since all its activity revolves around the internet and depends heavily on its existence.

The date was established by the United Nations (UN) in January 2006. It is also known as World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

The history of the Internet shows us that the world wide web appeared in the middle of the war Cold, for military purposes. Only in 1990 did the Internet begin to reach the general population and, since so, it has changed people's habits, all over the world.

In Portugal, the University of Lisbon was the first entity to have an Internet connection. After about 30 years, is an instrument of work and fun.

Today the Internet is an essential asset and a human right. According to the UN all countries must maintain access to the Web, at all times.

Buying clothes, ordering food, securing a movie ticket, making an appointment, talking to people from on the other side of the world, making bank transactions, working, all of this is possible, without leaving your home. We are just a click away.

With its advantages and disadvantages, today we see a window of opportunity on the Internet. But what will it still bring us the future!?

Let us wait.