Young group gathered around Caixa Magica's stand.

On March 4, Caixa Mágica was present at the Employment, organized by ISCTE-IUL students, called FISTA20. This event, whose main purpose was to bring students closer to teaching superior position in the labor market, allowed us to make known our essence, our values, some of our main projects, the employment opportunities available as well as our dynamics of recruitment.

Direct contact with the different students proved to be quite beneficial, as helped us to better understand and identify which are its main motivations and areas of interest and also allowed them to help clarify some doubts or curiosities they might have about our company and work team.

As was confirmed in previous years, the visit to our stand by students from different areas was constant and there was a huge demand and interest in our Summer Internships. Finally, Caixa Mágica also participated in the IT Speed ​​Talks where we approach the theme of “New approaches to the development of mobile applications: Development of apps and app stores, new environments, risks and good practices ”. This presentation was made by Carlos Coutinho, Assistant Professor at ISCTE-IUL and CEO and Head of R&D at Caixa Mágica Software, S.A. company in Lisbon.