October 25, 2016

Since the end of July 2016 it is possible to apply for the online criminal certificate. The authentication on the site for the certificate is done through a citizen's card or a digital mobile key (authentication using mobile phone or e-mail).

This measure is the integral part of the SIMPLEX+ program and an electronic platform has been created that allows requesting and accessing certificates via the Internet whose basic criteria are based on simplicity, convenience and speed of this process.

This project was developed by Caixa Mágica in partnership with the Ministry of Justice. This first major project in this area was considered to be of central importance for the Ministry.

It was a very interesting challenge for Caixa Mágica mainly due to the high number of interactions required among several public administration entities.

The use of this service has proved to be very helpful for the proposed purposes. For example, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education have signed the protocol that allows the issuance of certificates of criminal record more easily and quickly to professionals in the educational community who are required to obtain this certificate for their functions in educational institutions.