Portuguese Bar Association App

Developed by Caixa Mágica Software, the Portuguese Bar Association App provides a dedicated mobile platform with essential services for lawyers fostering digital transformation. The app is available for free on Android and iOS.


The Portuguese Bar Association (BA) faced the challenge of effectively managing its diverse and unique. The existing web portal, although responsive, did not have a dedicated mobile application, limiting the accessibility and functionalities of the services offered to lawyers. The need for specific and straightforward tools to deal with the BA’s tasks prompted the search for a comprehensive solution.


In response to the challenges identified, Caixa Mágica collaborated with BA and Bearing Point to create
a specialised mobile application, the App BA.

The application transposed services already available on the Bar Association’s portal, but was also as an innovative application, providing new functionalities designed to improve the digital experience for lawyers the digital experience for lawyers.

Both lawyers and citizens can use the app and access features such as access to BA news, an events diary and a search tool for lawyers and institutions using geo-referencing. In the case of a lawyer user, the user can also add personal events to the diary.

For lawyers, the app includes useful functionalities for the practice of their profession, such as a deadline calculator, access to the professional license with a QR code, access to a secure and exclusive messaging system for lawyers that allows both direct messaging and the creation of message groups, as well as the sharing of images and files. It also provides access to webmail and payment quotas.

Another important functionality of the application for lawyers is the SADT, which aims to support the work of lawyers involved in the Access to Justice and Courts System. By identifying duty days and the cases being handled, the application allows the creation of alerts to facilitate the recording of lawyer activities in this context. Information about the duty includes the day and/or location, while information about the case identifies the involved court. Through geolocation, the application alerts and allows the recording of information whenever the lawyer is in a court, a police facility, or a prison. Furthermore, it enables the lawyer to confirm availability to cover an urgent duty when requested.

For citizens, the application not only communicates news and events from the Bar Association but also provides tools for searching for institutions and lawyers. Additionally, through the “Consult a Lawyer” feature, it facilitates citizens’ access to lawyers through digital means, establishing a digital communication channel between the interested parties. This functionality is available in the app as well as on a dedicated web portal.

On the application’s back office level, it allows for content management, news dissemination, as well as notification issuance. The notification module enables the Bar Association to send direct messages and alerts to users, providing the ability to stratify notifications based on information stored in the Bar Association’s database.


The introduction of the BA App has brought the Bar Association closer to its members and enhanced the services provided to them. Lawyers now have a dedicated mobile platform to access essential services, receive timely deadline notifications, and communicate securely with colleagues. The digital transformation has not only modernized the operations of the Bar Association but has also contributed to promoting legal services to citizens. Innovative features such as the digital license and the lawyer and institution search tool have streamlined processes and improved the overall efficiency of legal professionals. This digital evolution aligns with the Bar Association’s commitment to continuous improvement, paving the way for future integrations and enhancements.

As BA continues its journey towards digital transformation, the BA App stands out as a testament to the successful collaboration between Caixa Mágica Software and an institution committed to leveraging technology for the benefit of legal professionals and the public. The BA App is available for free download on the Android and iOS app stores.