Multipli is the reverse multiplication table game that allows you to practice the multiplication table in a fun way.


Caixa Mágica Software faced the challenge posed by Alfiii to create an innovative educational application capable of transforming the multiplication table learning process into an engaging and enjoyable experience for children aged 7 to 12. The goal was to go beyond traditional multiplication table teaching and provide a playful approach that would stimulate players’ reasoning, memory, and logical thinking. The challenge also involved the creation of interactive modes, such as tournaments and a national championship, to encourage healthy competition and promote active participation from schools.


Caixa Mágica, in technological partnership with Alfiii, has developed the Multipli Minute application, an innovative platform for practicing the multiplication tables in reverse. The solution involved the use of various key technologies, including MySQL for database management, .NET for the backend, Unity for the game interface and experience, and a Linux infrastructure to support the platform.

The application offers different modes, from individual practice with varying difficulty levels to innovative modes such as “Jumpli,” where players respond to physical challenges. The introduction of mini-tournaments and an annual national championship added a competitive dimension, encouraging participation and offering prizes. A customized back office was developed to manage users, mini-championships, and the national championship.


Multipli Minute has achieved success in fulfilling its educational objective, making the multiplication table game engaging and enjoyable. The introduction of mini-tournaments and the Multipli National Championship allowed for direct participation and involvement from the school community, teachers, and students. The application has a positive impact on mathematics education in Portugal, establishing itself as a reference in the effective integration of technology and education.

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