Platform that allows for the complete management of teams in the field and their respective schedules.


The widespread adoption of small-scale energy generation solutions relies heavily on a positive return on investment model within a reasonable timeframe. Calculating this involves more than just considering acquisition costs; installation and maintenance costs are crucial factors in the long-term economic viability of such systems. Potential customers often delay investment decisions due to the uncertainty associated with unpredictable additional costs.

EDP Comercial, the company responsible for product and service offerings within the EDP group, including traditional electricity supply and renewable energy generation products, addresses this challenge. With a range of photovoltaic solar panels for domestic energy production, EDP Comercial positions itself as a promoter of sustainable small-scale energy production. The company ensures the installation and maintenance of the systems it sells, deploying dedicated teams for these activities.


To overcome the challenges, EDP Comercial partnered with Caixa Mágica to develop a comprehensive team management platform for field operations and scheduling. The platform utilizes an advanced algorithm to assess the ideal team and day within a given timeframe, optimizing travel and minimizing the time spent on installations and other services.

The platform features a web-based frontend where customer data is input and organized. Bots process these requests, performing calculations based on predefined rules in the spreadsheet input. The system generates reports in PDF format, which are sent to customers for review. Leveraging Google’s geolocation and travel time calculation APIs, the platform automates and maximizes the efficiency of all field teams.

The PAULA platform provides additional capabilities, such as generating reports and controlling activities, covering all team management needs. The architecture of the software ensures robustness, scalability, and flexibility, aligning with the logic and capacity requirements of the system.


The implemented platform has become integral to managing team schedules and interventions in the field. The significant increase in efficiency stands out as a key factor contributing to the platform’s success. For technicians, the existence of well-planned daily schedules makes their tasks more streamlined, allowing them to focus on the quality of their work rather than logistical aspects.

Overall, the solution addresses the challenges posed by unpredictable costs, providing a streamlined and efficient process for EDP Comercial’s operations. The positive impact is reflected in improved customer satisfaction, reduced delays in decision-making, and enhanced overall productivity in the field.

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